With my 15 years of travel experience, visiting over 47 countries, and 200 cities, I'm here to help you plan your next trip and make it memorable and amazing!

I've been traveling for work and pleasure for many years, around the world, and booking hotels and flights is a passion of mine and I want to share my experience with you.

I've lived in London, Singapore, Chicago, New York City, Paphos, and even some small places that you might not even heard of. I have worked in the Cruise Industry for a few years, so I can be your guide in booking a great cruise for you and your family.

Whatever the reason you’re traveling, I’ve got you covered.

Even if you only need to book a hotel because you’re heading to your family reunion in Petoskey, and you refuse to sleep in your Great Aunt Tallulah’s guest room because it smells like mothballs.

Go ahead and poke around, find what you need and then contact us.

Traveling is my Passion