Here you will find some of my favorite items I pick when traveling, useful information where to book hotels, flights, insurance, and a lot more.


On the ground, I usually walk as I love exploring and enjoying the places I visit, but if I need to use transportation, I check for buses, trains, and a good option is Uber, and it is found in many countries around the world. For traveling in the United States, make sure you check Lyft for an alternative to Uber. Make sure you click on the links to get up to $20 on your first ride. 


I will share with you the secret of getting the best deals on flights and how I travel. I generally use Skyscanner to search for flights, as on the website, you can compare all the airlines and sort the flights by price, date, etc. There are many budget airlines around the world if you are not sure, just ask, and I will be happy to help. Sometimes budget airlines don’t show, and you need to do your research.


I book ahead of time, which can save you money and the stress of going somewhere and not knowing where you are staying. For hotels, I always check on Agoda for Asia as it has accommodation for every budget or, with giving 1 FREE nights for every 10 nights stay. If you are looking for something more private and want to feel like at home, I would recommend checking Airbnb. Make sure you click on the links for savings.

Package deals

If looking for flights, hotels, and things is overwhelming for you, then you might check the great deals from Priceline. I like the website because they have great bundle deals, sometimes as low as $50 a night hotel plus flight. Another alternative is Expedia. Both are good, and I highly recommend them for the best package deals. Make sure you click on the links to get my exclusive offers and savings.

Things to do

When it comes to finding things to do, I usually do proper research on Google and make a list of the places I want to visit. I also check Trivago, which has a lot of information on attractions, reviews, and photos. Another option is buying a travel guide from Amazon, which I’ve done and didn’t regret. If you have difficulties planning, let me know I can give you some recommendations!


Hunting in the jungle, or swimming with sharks can be dangerous for sure, but what is more disturbing is traveling without insurance. I always recommend getting proper coverage. I have been traveling a lot, and the first thing I don’t compromise when it comes to price is travel insurance. I have a great experience with Liberty Mutual and also Allianz.




You don’t need to break the budget! You can travel smart and stay in some of the best hotels and resorts in the world. I made it easier for you by sharing my experience and travel tips!