Hawaii! One of The Best SCUBA DIVING Spots in the World!

Hawaii was announced as one of the best scuba diving spots in the world. This lovely place is the perfect vacation place for every beach lover, and if you enjoy water sports, especially scuba diving, make sure you include Hawaii on your travel list. If you haven’t tried scuba diving, but it is on your list with things to do, then Hawaii is your place. There are hundreds of miles of the barrier reef that have equally as many different species of sea life, craters, and shipwrecks. The water temperature is always perfect in Hawaii, making it a great place to explore the underwater world. 

O’ahu – known for the wrecks of USS YO-257 and San Pedro.

O’ahu island is an excellent place for beginners to learn how to scuba dive, offering many spots for this adventurous and for many people once in a lifetime experience. On the island, you will find different dive shops offering certifications at a reasonable price and as fast as getting it on the same day. If you travel for a week, you won’t need to spend the whole time learning how to scuba dive, but get certification course and learn everything you will need to know to get into the ocean and explore the sea level.

The island is a great place for wreck diving, too, as the fishes might not be as impressive as diving on a reef.  However, I think that everyone should do a wreck dive at least once in their lifetime. I haven’t done scuba diving, because I don’t know how to swim, and even when I go to the beach, I like to take sun tanning, than being in the water. You will have a chance to see the ships laying underwater, the fishes roaming around, and how clear the water is. It is incredible to see how those massive ships have sunk in the water, and no matter what, the ocean has its power down there under the water.

Kaawaloa Cove, at the bay’s northern boundary, can be accessed only by boat

Ka’awaloa Cove island is another great spot for snorkeling, or if you are the explorer type, then you will find cool places to visit on the biggest island in Hawaii. The cove is located on the western side of Hawaii, and it is accessible only by boat. There are several big diving sites near Kona, offering a wide variety of options for beginners and more experienced divers, and also diving at night too. One of the most popular night diving spots in around Kailua- Kona, during the diving, you will be in the water, holding lights that attract planktons, which are the primary food source for mantra rays. I have not done scuba diving, because I can’t swim, but I am sure it is a fantastic experience and also if you can dive in the night, that would most probably be once in a lifetime experience.

Different tour companies offer scuba diving tours; they will take you with the boat and provide the equipment and the guidance, and you can just enjoy scuba diving. Many diving spots are accessible only by boat, so your best chance to explore is to get a tour and enjoy the beautiful underwater world. When you book your tour, you will find different options, but based on my research, check out the airplane wreck near Keahole Point.

Another great place for scuba diving in Hawaii is the island of Maui. There is a volcanic crater at the bottom of the pacific, called Molokini, and it is one of the most visited scuba diving places on the island. The crater attracts different sea life, like reef sharks, manta rays, different family fishes, sea turtles, etc. If your visit to Hawaii is mainly for scuba diving, you need to make sure that you will visit the crater, if you enjoy less crowded people, then you can check the Black Rock or Makena State Park.

Maui – known for Black Rock, eagle rays, turtles, and schooling fish.

The crystal clear waters of Hawaii are the perfect scuba diving paradise that attracts thousands of people every year. Some people joke that you can stay on the island for a year, and you will have a different diving spot for each day of your stay.

Are you a scuba diver, what is your experience if you have done it in Hawaii? I am interested to know because I have been to Honolulu for a few days, but I have done mostly eating out, walking and exploring, enjoying the beach, and some nightlife activities. I am working on a blog post, sharing my experience with visiting Honolulu, so stay tuned and come back for more exciting travel reads.

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