It is not easy to pinpoint the "center" of Warsaw in traditional sense—and indeed there is no universal agreement as to where this actual city center lies. However, the official "Centrum" district—around the Central Station and the Palace of Culture and Science—definitely sits in the middle, and in-between: with the Old Town to the north, the former Jewish District to the west, and the Łazienki Park and the Diplomatic Quarter to the south. Before World War II, this was a vibrant part of town; after the war, it was almost completely destroyed. Today, the life of the city once again runs through it.


Kościół świętego Aleksandra

Built in the early 19th century as a replica of the Roman pantheon, St. Alexander's stands on an island in…

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Warsaw's oldest cake shop has a black-and-white-tile café that serves savory snacks as well as Blikle's famous doughnuts.

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Former headquarters of the Polish Communist Party

Anti-Communists love the irony of this once-despised symbol of oppression; for a decade after the Communist fall, until 2001, it…

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